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About Genetic Resources Unit

The ICRAF Genetic Resources Unit has a global role to collect, conserve, document, characterize and distribute a diverse collection of agroforestry trees, mainly focusing on indigenous species in all ICRAF working regions. The ICRAF seed bank in Nairobi and field genebanks in the regions ensure the supply of superior tree germplasm for research and conserve material for the benefit of present and future generations. The current aim of ex situ conservation activities at ICRAF is to be a world leader in the conservation of agroforestry tree germplasm and develop a global conservation system for priority agroforestry trees. Genetic resources databases provide information on agroforestry tree taxonomy, uses, suitability and sources of seed as well as details of the ICRAF agroforestry genetic resources collection. The Genetic Resources Strategy guides in ensuring that collections are conserved to international standards, encouraging quality research to fill information gaps and promote use, and sharing knowledge and germplasm to improve livelihoods.
Dr. Alice Muchugi
Genebank Manager

Genetic Resources Policy

This document addresses ICRAF's policy for acquisition and distribution of tree genetic resources, access and benefit sharing, including of technologies and information related to tree germplasm. The policy is intended to facilitate awareness of and compliance to the international agreements that guide access to germplasm and information.

Ordering Seed

The genebank is instrumental in the supply of agroforestry tree germplasm for ICRAF domestication programs and to research partners. A few samples of available agroforestry tree seeds are availed for research. For bulk request, the genebank assists sourcing for quality germplasm from national partners where the species may be available. For seed requests download the seed request form or you can place an online seed order by clicking here.

Standard Material Transfer Protocol

The objectives of the Treaty are the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of their use. Being a signatory to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, ICRAF genebank distributes the agroforestry seeds via the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA).